Integrating social media: Challenges for patient-centric organizations

Last week I attended a presentation at the WOMMA UK on Breast Cancer Care and Social Media, given by Bertie Bosrédon (@cafédumonde). Patient organisations usually are very well engaged with their patient. Still, even these very patient centric organisations have their own challenges in integrating social media in their day-to-day business.
InSites Consulting research shows that a successfully integrated social media strategy builds on 3 conditions:

  • Tangible investments in education and technology,
  • Strategic integration of social media in planning, organizational structure and goal setting
  • Social Media strategy fully in line with culture and values of the organisation

Breast Cancer Care is very well aware on how to integrate social media in their organization. Management believes in social media as a powerful tool and takes social media KPIs into account for its strategic targets. Moderators are well trained and dedicated to conversation management. This allows for better integration of all marketing activities. As an example breast Cancer Care avoids using different Facebook groups for every individual event they organise. Instead, they engage their stakeholders continuously and become a trusted partner. The presentation of Bertie Bosrédon is available via slideshare, check it out below:


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