Internet more mobile and useful

InSites Consulting has launched MC DC ‘Marketers & Consumers, Digital & Connected’, in cooperation with IAB Europe. Find out some of the results of the MC DC report, conducted in 16 European countries.
Internet becomes mobile
Over the last years there has been a shift from desktop computers to laptops and recently to netbooks. Surfers want more mobility. 1 out of 2 European surfers also has a Wi-Fi Internet connection at home. Apart from at home, an increasing number of surfers uses Internet on the move. 1 out of 4 has already used a hotspot at a public location to surf on a laptop. 18% has already surfed the Internet on the mobile network of his/her GSM. 13% has a plan to consult the Internet via their GSM or smartphone.
Not just fun, useful as well
‘Utility’ of the Internet means that the surfer tries to fill a personal need as much as possible. 8 out of 10 European Internet users say the Internet has become more useful to them compared to a few years ago. E-mail, online banking and online photo albums are still mainstays of the Internet. However, they are used differently than before.
‘Marketers who realize that their target group is looking for useful and relevant applications on the Internet or in digital media can take advantage of this’, says Gianni Cooreman, Director Digital Media. ‘By creatively using this information and interacting with his/her target group, the marketer can meet a real need and strengthen the connection between the consumer and the brand.’
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