Interviews: The impact of Twitter and cool research

Sometimes, people taking research forward at InSites are being interviewed by media, peers or influential people in the marketing research business (see this Dutch interview with Joeri and MTV’s Mattias Behrer at Marketingfacts). We don’t always publish or link to these interviews because we dont’t want to be overpromoting ourselves too much. Maybe sometimes we are too modest, so we’ve decided to make an exception at the start of 2012 for 2 interviews Tom De Ruyck was lucky to have. One with his friend Tom Anderson at NextGen Market Research (“Making Market Research COOL (again)?” and one with Brian Tarran at ResearchLive (‘I didn’t expect Twitter to have such a great influence on our profession‘).
This is one of the interesting quotes by Tom in the Nextgen-interview:

“We are too focused on what we consider ‘marketing research’ and the research methodologies we use: the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of it. Client side researchers have broader interests. They want to talk business: what’s the real impact of all the ‘cool’ stuff we try to offer them? In fact, we only talk about ourselves all the time. That’s the problem here. Most of the blogs and LinkedIn groups are started by people on the agency side, probably that’s why they are so focused on methodology. What our clients really need online, is a forum where they can share the issues they are struggling with on a daily basis. In such a forum we as agency side researchers, need to listen and learn.”

And this is one of the interesting quotes by Tom in the ResearchLive interview, about Twitter this time:

“I […] think Twitter has made it easier and more natural to meet industry peers in real life. It sounds a bit strange, I know, but by following one another on Twitter and by having short 140-character interactions, you have the feeling that you know each other already. Last but not least, it’s an efficient way to spread your thoughts and blog posts to a targeted audience.”

Have a good read. We will continue 2012 with being humble, be less about ads but acts, by being interested instead of interesting. We promise, and we hope you find the content of the interviews interesting.

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