Join our Consumer Understanding Smartees Webinar

On Tuesday 23 October, Tom De Ruyck (Head of Research Communities) and Anouk Willems (Senior Research Innovator) will host a Smartees Webinar on how to connect companies with their consumers and inspire them by confronting them with their consumer’s daily lives. Do you want to know how you can create a mind shift towards an optimal connection with your customers and confront a whole organization with the consumer world? Then you should definitely join this Smartees Webinar! We kick off at 17:00 CET with a 45min presentation including the success factors of running an immersion communityand the practical challenges you’re confronted with when bringing the consumer to life within your organization. The presentation will be ended by some practical cases of Unilever and Heineken.
After the presentation, there will be room for some Q&A as well, to share your feedback and to answer questions. Are you interested in joining this Smartees Webinar? Subscribe here! We hope to meet you next Tuesday.
Find out more on InSites Consulting Smartees at

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