Join our Just Missed ESOMAR Smartees Webinar on Friday 27 September!

Now that summer has left us, we can look back at lots of amazing moments, but we can also look forward to a new range of interesting Smartees! First up for September is our Just Missed ESOMAR Webinar on Friday, the 27th of September.
End of September, ESOMAR (the global market research association) will once again showcase a variety of cases and presentations at their General Congress in Istanbul, a not-to-miss yearly appointment with the market and social research world gathering over 1.000 industry professionals. InSites Consulting has a long tradition of presenting new and exciting client cases at these heydays for our industry. This year we’ve even got two brand new case studies scheduled, PepsiCo and DIESEL.
Pepsico DIESEL
But, of course we know that with the abundance of conferences, events, seminars available, it’s not always possible for you to be present at all occasions. So, with our Just Missed sessions we want to offer you and your colleagues an opportunity to discover the information missed, which is why we’ll host a Just Missed ESOMAR Webinar on Friday, the 27th of September.
In a 1-hour online session, you’ll discover how PepsiCo (re)connected their Ruffles brand with Generation Y (presented by Joeri Van den Bergh, Generation Y expert) and how we helped DIESEL to increase the value of their Pinterest page (presented by Annelies Verhaeghe, Head of Research Innovation). Our Smartees Webinars can be followed in four different time zones, so you can choose the time that suits you best. Interested in joining us? Then subscribe online now! We hope to meet you in cyberspace!

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