Just do it? We did it!

Only 10 days ago, we were still talking and stressing about it, but then the special day, Saturday June 1st, was there and it was time to finally DO it! At 7.45 am, about 32 InSiders (some a bit more awake than others) gathered in front of our Rotterdam office, ready for a 100-mile ride.
It was a cloudy day but we had a tail wind the whole time and we didn’t see one drop of rain! All day long, there was a good ambiance amongst the cyclists, who were all extremely motivated to complete the challenge all together. At each of the different stops, a few colleagues were waiting for us, to provide the cyclists with a fresh supply of energy bars, water, bananas and some motivating words from the live Tweetwall!
And the motivational words worked!  Around 5 pm, all 32 InSiders proudly arrived at our Ghent office, where colleagues, friends, family and a lot of balloons had assembled to support them. What followed then was a lot of hugging, congratulating and a champagne shower, which was all well-deserved! After a small ceremony where everyone received a medal and a few pecks from our beautiful hostesses, we all had a shower, put on some fresh clothes and headed for the BBQ. Here, all cyclists, colleagues, friends and family could enjoy a beer and a delicious meal to celebrate the successful day. And the BBQ was also the place where the cheque of 10,267 euros was handed over to the chairman of UNICEF Belgium. This money will help UNICEF to set up a primary school project in Burundi for kids aged 6 to 12.
An overview of the entire trip can be found here. Again, we would like to say congratulations to all the cyclists, we’re all very proud of you! Also, a big thank you to all sponsors, partners, colleagues, friends and family for believing in us and for all the support!

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