Just one week left to register for our Engaging Surveys Smartees Webinar

Here’s another important date to mark in your calendar because on Thursday 24 October, we’re hosting a new Smartees Webinar and this time we’ll take a deep-dive in our survey approach, in particular Engaging Surveys and how to truly collaborate with consumers in survey research. Just one week left to join this free webinar, so register today if you don’t want to miss it.
At InSites Consulting, we believe in the power of consumers to drive business understanding. But at the same time we feel that today’s surveys cope insufficiently with the complex reality of consumer behavior. We need to add a social dimension to our survey toolbox, we need to get a better understanding of the variations in consumer behavior depending on the consumer situation or context and we need to tap more into implicit attitudes within our surveys. In order to level up the total survey experience for consumers, brands and researchers, our ForwaR&D Lab team (in a partnership with data sampling agency SSI) recently redesigned our survey approach.
In this one-hour Smartees Webinar, you’ll find out how this new approach allows true consumer collaboration in survey research, tapping into context and conversation. We will use eBay and Cloetta client cases to show you the actual impact of this new survey design, generating new and better insights and enriched research quality. Our Webinars are available in four different time zones so you can choose the time which suits you best. Interested? Then subscribe online now!
Hope to see you there! Check our Smartees website for the full program and to sign up.

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