Launching our new Smartees format

Our InSites Consulting Smartees are back and we’ve put them in a new jacket! Not only do we have a brand new logo and website for our Smartees, we extended our Smartees formats as well. We now offer four different formats (Webinars, Breakfasts, Seminars and Workshops) which are available in four different cities (New York, London, Rotterdam, Ghent) and for the webinars their corresponding time zones. The overall purpose of all our Smartees is about learning and sharing knowledge to take away ideas and practical techniques for better marketing. Next to that, each format has its own approach and uniqueness.
The only online format, the Smartees Webinar, is a one hour session on a specific marketing (research) topic, with room for Q&A with the presenting experts. The Smartees Breakfast session is a 90min morning session, including a nice breakfast in one of our offices, while the Smartees Workshop is a half or full-day workshop where the focus mainly lies on interaction between the experts and the participants. Finally, we have our Smartees Seminars, which are half-day inspiration sessions featuring client cases, room for Q&A and several networking opportunities. In short, we’ve got something for everyone!
First programs for the following months are available online, so don’t hesitate to check our new website and sign up for one of our upcoming Smartees! We’ll share more information on each Smartees in the coming days and week. Hope to meet you soon at one of our Smartees! Questions or feedback? Let us know at

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