Le Web Conference

The Le Web conference in Paris is growing year after year. In a year of crisis they manage to gather 2300+ internet professionals and they lined up a big list of top level people from the most popular companies of the moment such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, …
This conference is about the future of the internet focusing on different topics such as mobile, community platforms … Besides building expertise in the topics as such, cfr our MCDC report, we also manage our own community of research participants.
For both this conference is a source of inspiration and networking.
The conference keynote was Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, and now active in starting up a mobile payment platform called Square. After outline how they started Twitter, Jack moved to a demo of this new payment system. The audience was tweeting about it like hell. And I should say, it looks impressive. A small square device is linked to mobile phone using the headphone input, you start a program and enter the amount you want to charge, you swap the card and just ask the other person to agree. The squares will be distributed, for free!
The chat on stage with the Microsoft guy seemed less interesting so I moved to the start-up competition room. There I saw 3 startups pitching Friendbinder, stribe.com and Tigerlily.
First one was not that inspiring, in short Friendbinder is an application that allows you to manage all your social media accounts in one account. Not fully clear how the business model will look like yet …

Stribe was interesting; they have developed a system that allows sites to easily integrate community features on their website. Visitors can join and start different sorts of communication with each other.
Tigerlily is a startup that is focusing on the Facebook fanpages. They allow you to change the look and feel completely in order to generate more leads … Looks nice!
After these pitchers I joined the panel discussion on mobile applications but was looking forward to see Ethan Beard, Director of the Facebook Developer Network. He gave some striking figures on the use of applications on Facebook. 500 000 apps have been developed and 250 million users are using apps already. 300 apps have 1 million+ users. With some cases he showed the success of Facebook connect and what it can do with your business.
Ryan Sarver, Twitter director of platform, was up next. Announcing some news for Twitter developers such as a conference http://chirp.twitter.com and a new developer community site. Again some cases showed the success of businesses using Twitter. The one I will have a look at is cotweet.com offering B2B solutions on managing your conversations on Twitter.

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