Measuring the effectiveness of advertising for an Effie Award finalist

Last night (Thursday 9th of June) the Effie Awards Belgium were held in Brussels. Next to being a great night out, the Effies are one of the most prestigious awards for the Belgian advertising industry and we are really excited to have participated in the success of one of the nominees…
Meet Milcobel, a Belgian cheese company that showcased their recent Brugge Kaas campaign. Brugge Kaas is a well-known cheese brand in the Belgian market, yet many consumers are not aware of the broad range that is available and still consider it as a rather old-fashioned brand. Their recent advertising campaign was designed to grow awareness around the range as well as increase the overall brand awareness, recognition and loyalty and to influence brand perceptions.
Tweetaway pinkTweetaway: Why @Bruggekaas won the #effie2016 Certificate of Effectiveness by @DdVandekerckhov via @InSites #mrx #advertising
One of the main campaign elements was a TV advertisement for which InSites Consulting was asked to measure the real impact through pre-ad and post-ad testing. Two online quantitative surveys were launched for this impact measurement: one before the advertisement was aired and one after. This way we were able to measure the effectiveness of the campaign by comparing pre-ad and post-ad results.

Next to measuring the effectiveness of the campaign itself, it was important to understand which aspects consumers liked and/or disliked about the ad. To do so, we installed an on-the-spot ad evaluation, using our qualitative tool plug-ins (Pulse and Itag tool).
Our Pulse tool tracked the changes in emotions throughout the Brugge Kaas ad, second by second and helped us understand how to optimize each scene to improve the consumers’ perceptions. Thereafter, participants had the opportunity to review specific scenes using our Itag tool. For these scenes, respondents could tag ( 🙂 😐 🙁 ) elements and add their qualitative feedback (you can discover here how these tools work).
As you can expect from the nomination for the Effie Award, the campaign was a success, resulting in great impact results. The awareness of Brugge Kaas as well as the consideration increased significantly because of the ad, but furthermore the campaign also succeeded in changing the brand perception and led to an increased knowledge of the range.
So congratulations to the Milcobel and LDV United teams with the Effie Certificate of Efficiency! We are proud to have been part of this project. This campaign is a great example of what can be reached through effective advertising, as this impacts not only key performance indicators but also changing brand perceptions.
Effie Awards Certificate of Efficiency

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