Our adventures at Insights Valley Europe & Asia

Last September (September 6 & 7), Insights Valley Europe took place in Amsterdam and our own Anouk Willems was there to present a Heinz community case. During this two-day congress, great cases from various brands were shared, ranging from Unilever and ING to Discovery Channel and BBC News. One of the hot topics of the congress was ‘communities’ and that is where InSites Consulting comes in.
Anouk presented a Heinz community case together with Joella Marsman (Marketing Research Analyst at H.J. Heinz), with a specific focus on how to grow the value of a long-term community within an organization. The full article can be read here. And as we speak, Anouk has already arrived in Bankok for her presentation at Insights Valley Asia-Pacific tomorrow, on collaborating with consumers in Asia: opportunities and challenges of MROCs in the Asian Market. Want to stay up to date? Then follow @AnoukW1 and find out all about her journey over there or just watch her presentation below!

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