Our Health Smartees 2011 was great

The Smartees season 2011 has started successfully with our Health Smartees on May 19.
Magali Geens, Managing Partner and our expert in Health Research, kicked off the event with an interesting theme: “How do health care professionals cope with the digital changes in their environment?” She shared insights from a recent qualitative study amongst health care professionals. Doctors have busy lives nowadays, Magali explained why time management is such a challenge for them, but also how they cope with that. Her story was enriched with examples of popular health websites and communities which made it a very lively presentation.
We were honored to have Danny Belkin, PhD MBA from Abbott Laboratories as a second speaker. He shared several interesting results from a study on the usage of the medical information sources, eCME, social media, medical Apps and the eHealth platform in Belgium.
After the break, Saartje Van den Branden, Research Manager Health, continued with an in-depth description of the four patient segments we already identified in last year’s quantitative study. This year’s Health study was enriched with lots of qualitative insights about how these different patient segments behave with regard to a healthy lifestyle, prevention of diseases, doctor visits, taking medicines and the search for health information on the Internet.
And then last but not least, Ad-Willem van de Wijgert, Customer Intelligence Manager at Pfizer, presented an ethnographic study amongst cardiovascular patients and how they used these patient insights to set up a website.
We’d like to thank all the attendees for their visit to Ghent and we hope they enjoyed our Smartees and healthy lunch!  Don’t forget to check the presentations and we hope to see you at our next edition.

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