Our summer reading list

The summer has finally arrived: terraces are full, BBQ meat is getting more popular by the day, people are tanning whenever they can and everyone is looking forward to their holidays. And what should one not forget during the holidays? Some great summer reading matter! For those of you who haven’t decided yet, here are our very own summer reading tips. Enjoy!

The Consumer Consulting Board: Consumers shaping your business

A first must-read book for this summer is our latest book The Consumer Consulting Board. This book is the fruit of years of work in the field of research communities by the entire InSites Consulting team. It serves as an inspiration for companies to start with structural collaboration, offering fresh insights and various case studies to continue the path towards becoming an open, agile and consumer-centric thinking company. The combination of great insights, interesting case studies and attractive design makes ‘The Consumer Consulting Board’ the ideal reading material for this summer. Order a paper copy or download the free e-version now.

How Cool Brands Stay Hot: Branding to Generation Y

Another cool book to spice up your ‘hot’ summer is the new edition of How Cool Brands Stay Hot. The first edition is now a bit over 2 years old and it’s been a hell of a ride. In the past years, Joeri has travelled the world to share the Cool Brands story and in the meantime, the book has also received two book awards (2012 Best Book in Marketing Award & 2011 Marketing Book of the Year). And with the release of the new edition last March, we can head into the summer season with over 15,000 sold copies! Want to enjoy this book as well and learn all about what drives Millennials and how you can reach them? Find out more online!

The Conversation Company: Boost your business through culture, people and social media

In 2011, we introduced the potential of structurally involving customers in your day-to-day management. When we talk about structural collaboration, we mean the integration of the voice of the customer in all decision-making flows of your company. In The Conversation Company by Steven Van Belleghem (one of the former Managing Partners of InSites Consulting) we share insights in the underused conversation potential of your company and how culture, people and social media can build a future-proof company in a transparent world.

InSites Consulting papers

Looking for something more compact to read over the summer? There are also our free InSites Consulting papers! Especially our latest papers on the global evaluation of the IKEA catalogue and our Consumer Insight Activation are two must-reads. And do not worry, more interesting papers will be coming your way after the summer, with brand new case studies of PepsiCo and DIESEL. All papers can be downloaded from our website!

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