The insight community toolbox: ‘do’ activities

What people say, does not always correspond with what they actually do. This so-called ‘say-do gap’ is visible from election polls to topics like sustainability. Wanting to understand human behavior, it is therefore not enough to focus on what people ‘think’ and ‘feel’; what they ‘do’ is another vital part of the research mix.

The insight community toolbox: ‘feel’ activities

When making a decision, one does not say ‘What do I think about this’, but rather ‘How do I feel about this’. Clearly, emotions are key drivers of decision making. This strong impact of emotions on behavior also has implications for marketing research. Are ‘feel’ activities an integral part of your research mix?

Ensuring business continuity in COVID-19 times

As a digital-first agency we have been adopting habits and building best-in-class systems to offer 24/7 support to businesses across the globe since our inauguration at the end of the ‘90s. But these days, it is good to make the implicit explicit, to ensure our research participants, our partners, our clients and our stakeholders that we remain 100% operational.

The insight community toolbox: ‘think’ activities

Understanding human behavior is complex and requires a multi-dimensional approach. Sometimes it might be faster, easier and better to simply ask people what they think. As such, ‘think’ activities are still an important part of the research mix.

Gen Z Unmasked

Gen Z Unmasked

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on teens worldwide. Together with Coca-Cola, we ran a project examining how young people across the world reacted to the past year and the subsequent changes in their outlook.

Choosing the right research activities: the power is in the mix

For a long time, the dominant belief among philosophers, scientists and economists was that humans are driven predominantly by ratio. And this was no different for marketing researchers. But how realistic is this? Can we truly unravel and understand complex human behavior by solely focusing on their ‘thinking’?

Banking on a Happy Life

Banking on a Happy Life

In this article, we explore the key post-2020 consumer trends for the Finance and Insurance sector, based on our 2021 Culture + Trends Report: Happiness Reset.

Defining the Post-2020 NextGen Consumer

Defining the Post-2020 NextGen Consumer

Gaining new skills, re-imagined interactions, moments of self-care, and finding moments of spontaneity and silliness in a world of relentless negativity and stress is extremely popular with Gen Z consumers.

Nurturing Nature

Sustainability Trends 2021: Nurturing Nature

COVID-19 made people revalue nature and clean air. Discover how this newly experienced immediacy with nature brings the opportunity for brands to help consumers bring nature into their homes and restore natural spaces.

Katerina Stavrellis Arnott's testimonial

Creative crowdsourcing to get extra spark of ideas [an interview with Arnott’s]

We invited Katerina Stavrellis, Consumer & Marketing Insights Specialist at The Arnott’s Group, to explain how our proprietary network of creative consumers inspired the team with new snacking flavors.

Unlocking the power of consumers

Unlocking the power of consumers: meet the 90, 9 and 1 [infographic]

Dive into our ‘Unlocking the power of consumers’ infographic and discover how to involve the right consumer for the right task!

Understanding consumer trends and local culture [an interview with GSK]

Understanding consumer trends and local culture [an interview with GSK]

We invited Jo Stanbridge, Global Insight Lead Sensodyne at GSK, to share her experience on collaborating with leading-edge consumers to fully understand the importance of consumer trends and how they manifest within different cultures.