Proud to present: Research Communities Case Page

At InSites Consulting, we believe in the power of the consumer. We think that putting consumers first in your marketing efforts, all the way up to the boardroom, will be the way to go for marketeers and for market research. Now, and in the near future. To stress the importance of our beliefs and to show our commitment to change the landscape; we’ve created a  special page with cases for one of our most important methods to reach our goals: Online Research Communities.
Tom De Ruyck, head of Research Communities at InSites Consuling is proud with the result: “With this page, we want to give our clients and peers in the research industry an overview of our capabilities in terms of Research Communities. We brought together articles, papers and client cases in one single place.”
We’re curious what you think of our Research Communities home on our website, feedback of any kind is more than welcome. If you want to get in touch, drop an e-mail to

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