Put your mark on the market research industry in just 15 min

Yesterday, Greenbook launched the 2015 Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) survey. In this yearly initiative, Greenbook aims to better understand where the market research industry stands and where we’re headed. As the world around us changes rapidly – and therefore our industry as well – it has become more important than ever to truly understand what is happening and what the implications are for our business and profession.
As innovation is our lifeblood, the InSites Consulting team is a strong supporter of GRIT. More than 10 years ago, we already decided to invest in a dedicated ForwaR&D Lab, with the goal of keeping us ahead of the innovation curve. We want to lead change rather than just follow. Our ForwaR&D Lab, led by Annelies Verhaeghe (Head of Research Innovation), focuses on innovating how we do research and how our research can create more impact: doing more and better, doing things we were not capable of before and doing things more efficiently. But don’t take our word for it, let our research inspire you
So if you can spare a mere 15 minutes in the coming days, we invite you to complete the survey and give your support to innovation in our industry. We sure will!
Tweetaway orangeTweetaway: Join the #GRIT survey, share your vision and show your support to innovation in #mrx. We sure will! via @InSItes insit.es/1504Y78 #newmr
To wrap up, we are strong believers of open innovation, so don’t hesitate to challenge us with new ideas!

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