Ready for the Next Revolution!?

There is a lot of buzz these days around smart phones, the iPad, branded apps and mobile platforms like Foursquare. Next to that, mobile usage of internet and especially of social media (Facebook, Twitter …) is on the rise. Rather logic in a time where people are more on the go than ever before. How to react as a marketer and a researcher to this revolution that will soon affect all parts of running our businesses? Learn it during a half day seminar in Antwerp (BE) on February 17, a joint event of BAQMaR and MOA on Mobile Marketing & Research!
4 top speakers on the program

  • Jo Caudron, the godfather of the Belgian web industry will tell us more about the impact of mobile devices on people’s life and on how we deal with marketing campaigns;
  • Our very own Polle de Maagt, the prince of the Dutch social media scene will talk about great examples of mobile marketing anno 2011 (e.g. KLM Surprise on Foursquare);
  • Alex Batchelor is Chief Operating Officer at BrainJuicer and was previously CMO at TomTom, and previous to that VP Global Brand for Orange Telecom, where he helped launch the brand in 12 new countries. He will share BrainJuicer’s approach for developing illuminating research on mobile platforms.
  • AJ Johnson is VP at Ipsos and globally responsible for implementing mobile research within the company. He recently won the ‘Next Gen Market Research Disruptive Innovator Award’ for his work in the field of mobile market research. He will showcase the state-of-the-art research tools he developed over the past years.

Find out more about the event online!

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