Reinforcing Dutch leadership to support our local and global growth

With a year-on-year growth of more than 20%, our Dutch branch extended their client portfolio with international and national brands (amongst which Mars, Heineken, Philips, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Koninklijke Peijnenburg, Essent, QMusic, Tony’s Chocolonely etc.). This kind of growth requires a solid team, which led to a reinforcement of the Dutch leadership team.

Industry veteran Kjell Massen, former Dutch Country Manager for Haystack Consulting and ESOMAR Representative for the Netherlands, joined InSites Consulting in the capacity of Business Director, where one of his primary goals is to grow the local team, and to guide clients in getting closer to their customers.

“InSites Consulting has been a pioneer and an innovator in the market research industry; they are known for their customer-centric approach for as long as I’ve been following them, which is close to two decades now. The agency has a future-forward vision that they are actively building toward every single day, both for themselves and their clients – they don’t just say it, they do it! I’m very excited about growing my team and our client portfolio, while ensuring that our loyal clients remain happy and are taken care of. Thankfully I am empowered by a world-class team that is extremely well-versed in delivering excellent results.”

The growing local and global demand for innovative research solutions has also led to a change in our senior leadership structure to ensure clients get what they need. Margot Schuil, former Managing Director of InSites Consulting the Netherlands, is adopting the role of Global Client Partner. InSites Consulting Rotterdam has enjoyed a phenomenal growth under Margot’s leadership.

“It’s been an honor leading the Dutch branch and team these past years. But I’m also excited to move into the Global Client Partner role, bringing my passion closer to the client relationship again and creating impact for brands, bringing them closer to their consumers.”.

Niels Schillewaert, one of our co-founders and Managing Partner, and former ESOMAR President, is taking over from Margot as Managing Director of InSites Consulting the Netherlands. A well-known face in the Dutch research community and a respected member of the international research fraternity, Niels is ideally placed to further his passion of growing and supporting his team as the new Managing Director of InSites Consulting the Netherlands.

While the team in Rotterdam is growing with the recent addition of Kjell Massen to its senior team, our global footprint is also broadening, following the acquisition of multinational research agencies Join the Dots and ABN Impact in 2019; we now employ over 600 enthusiastic consultants in 17 different countries across 5 continents.

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