Reporting 10% year-on-year growth

After embarking on a successful acquisition strategy with six agencies joining forces in the last three years, we can proudly report a 10% organic growth rate over the last 12 months, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic. While equally strong growth rates were noted across EMEA, APAC and the US, we realized a substantial higher growth rate of 16% among global clients versus domestic clients.

Magali Geens

Our core solution, online insight communities, facilitated through our own proprietary Square platform, is particularly suited to the growing needs of clients to stay close to consumers with the pandemic having created big shifts in consumer behavior. As consumer experts with a versatile and fully digital research toolbox at hand, we are in a strong position to service our clients with increasingly deep consumer understanding. Our success among global brands has been further reinforced by cultivating client relationships from every corner of the world.”

Magali Geens, Head of Growth Management InSites Consulting.

Following acquisitions in the UK (Join the Dots) and Asia (ABN Impact and Answer Global), as well as a strategic partnership in Latin America (Provokers), we intend to further expand through buy-and-build in the years ahead, focusing on geographical expansion through select acquisitions that can reinforce our consumer-centricity offering.

Kristof De Wulf

Consumer centricity and relevant consumer insights should and will always be at the core of strong brands. We believe we have a recipe for success at hand, and we will continuously and increasingly invest in our great people and our powerful technology suite, as well as in further acquisitions in key markets for our global clients. Our insight management heritage, strong consultative capabilities and proprietary technology suite provide clear opportunities to further strengthen and extend our solution offering in the direction of growing the consumer centricity of the global brands we work for.”

Kristof De Wulf, CEO InSites Consulting

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