Research Communities #Smartees XL: Stop the paradox

Emiel van Wegen, our business director Travel&Leisure at InSites Consulting, was the opening keynote at our recent Research Communties Smartees in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After chairman Kristof De Wulf kicked off the event, Van Wegen was granted half an hour to tell the audience about the paradox a lot of companies these days are facing: they say they are embracing consumer by putting them first, but they do not act upon that promise in any way. They say online word of mouth is important (73 %) but they rarely manage this consumer generated media (22 %). Find Emiel’s presentation below in video:

To have a little context by the video above, you can also check out the presentation on SlideShare Emiel’s made below (it’s a rework of the story Steven van Belleghem normally uses in keynotes to our audiences). We hope you like it!


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