Research: Hyves brand understanding

For Hyves, the biggest social network in The Netherlands, InSites Consulting was privileged to do a research on brand understanding and perception. What characterizes Hyves-users the most, how do “Hyvers” use their favorite social network in relation to other networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and Twitter?  How well is Hyves performing when we analyze the users via the CRUSH-model? The research showed, that Hyves is 2 times more known by the Dutch internet population than LinkedIn and Twitter, the awareness for Facebook is equal. The research also showed that only 2 percent of the Dutch population has an account on all 5 major social networks. Yesterday, Hakim Zemni presented the results at Hyves HQ in Amsterdam. Check out the slides below for more interesting facts and figures and read the quote of Hyves-CEO Marc de Vries.

Marc de Vries, Hyves CEO comments on the research:
“The research by InSites Consulting is giving interesting insights about the use of social media in The Netherlands. It clearly shows our possible business opportunities. The results give us a lot of faith in the choices we’ve made: using our local power in The Netherlands even more and the strategically focusing on news, sport and entertainment. The research is also proofing our mission and vision. In The Netherlands, there will be multiple social networks in use by the online audience, next to each other. Relevance for the user is key and we believe that focusing on local content in The Netherlands is the way to go to deliver relevance to our users.

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