Romanian team supporting the civic movement

On the 24th of September InSites Romania has joined forces to sustain a well-known civic movement called: Let’s do it, Romania! The purpose of the national civic action is to motivate volunteers in cleaning green places from illegal garbage. Romanian InSites team was assigned with an area called Green Forest. It is only 5km far away from the city center but unfortunately some people have transformed the forest into a huge cesspool.
It was not at all an easy job, but the good energy and positivism made our team to be on top. We can say that we contributed to a real Green Forest, as after only 5 hours of work 8 people succeeded to gather 85 garbage bags of waste.
We are proud that we could put InSites Romania among those other thousands of companies that took part in this campaign and also that our little team could be counted  among those 250.000 Romanians that were making our country greener and healthier and by that our world a better place!


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