RWconnect: Empowering the Young & Old in MROCs

A research community is an engaging experience, which enables consumer to interact with like-minded peers about their favourite brands and/or topics. This works well for different consumer groups; from youngsters to the baby boomers and beyond. Depending on the consumers you invite for you research community, it’s essential to customise your settings and the story you want to tell. The group of ‘senior’ consumers is growing as baby boomers start retiring. And they are catching up with us online. The use of social networks among the older internet user has nearly doubled over the past year to 42% in the US (PEW Internet). For marketers & researchers, this is sufficient reason to get to know them a little better! For the senior consumers, we can already share some key learnings on grey power in communities. Yesterday, I’ve published these learnings at RWconnect!

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