Say Hi to our Consumer Consulting Board book!

We’re proud to present a new InSites Consulting book, The Consumer Consulting Board: Consumers shaping your business. In short, this book brings together 5 years of research by InSites Consulting on structural consumer collaboration, illustrated with research community cases of major global brands such as Heinz, Vodafone, Air France and KLM, Heineken, IKEA, Unilever and many more. At InSites Consulting, we have a tradition of sharing our knowledge with the world through publications and conference talks around the globe, this book gathers our findings and wide global experience on research communities to share with the world.
Back in 2006, we ran our very first community. It made us a true pioneer of what has now become one of the most popular ways to listen to, understand and collaborate with consumers. Research communities are probably the fastest growing research methodology ever. According to the latest GRIT study, 45% of the research market appeals to communities and another 38% is currently developing them for the first time. This is causing a fundamental shift in the way research is done: from treating participants as a resource to using them as a source of inspiration, from just asking questions to collaboration and from running ad hoc projects to having a more ongoing dialogue with the consumer world.
In 2011, we coined the term Consumer Consulting Board for the first time; it is probably a better name to indicate how we manage research communities and the position we give them within a company. It indicates that if you run them well, communities allow you to make use of the consulting power of consumers – both current and potential users of a product or service: they will help you make more consumer-relevant decisions. Moreover, the name embodies that companies need to see and treat their consumer community as a board of advisors they rely on almost every single day, for most business decisions taken across the different departments of the company. In that sense, it is more than just another market research tool. A Consumer Consulting Board gives you the strategic capability to (re)shape your business together with consumers.
Today, InSites Consulting builds and manages over 150 Consumer Consulting Boards a year, for the world’s biggest brands. In the past 7 years we facilitated over 600,000 conversations. And with our 5 offices and moderation teams in more than 30 countries, we are connecting companies with their consumers worldwide, providing them with the unique capability to make better business decisions faster and to turn their organizations into consumercentric thinking ones.
We hope this book will inspire you to make a start with structural collaboration and that it offers you fresh insights in order to continue your path towards becoming an open, agile and consumer-centric thinking company. It is time to get to the future… first!
Find out more about the book and read the free teaser chapter. Enjoy the read and we are looking forward to your feedback, thoughts and ideas.

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