Say 'hi' to your Customer Consulting Board this April!

Are you ready to discover more about Customer Consulting Boards and how to integrate the voice of your customers in all decision-making flows of your company? Then you should join us on Thursday 25 April for our Smartees Webinar or on Tuesday 30 April for our Smartees Workshop in London, both hosted by our Head of Research Communities Tom De Ruyck. It’s time to give your customers a seat on the board of your company!
Nowadays, customers have gained in power to make or break brands (e.g. via social media).This is why brands should embrace these empowered customers and start a dialogue with them. However in most companies, customers are only allowed to give feedback at the very end of a decision making flow but this is not enough to really stand out as a company and to outperform the competition. After all, your customers are the best consultants you can hire, so say ‘hi’ to your Customer Consulting Board!
On Thursday 25 April, our Smartees Webinar will let you discover everything you need to know about structural collaboration or how to give your customers a seat on the board of you organization, all of this illustrated by a client case of H.J. Heinz. Or do you rather like to join our Smartees Workshop on Tuesday 30 April in London? During this half-day workshop,Tom will introduce you into the world of co-creation and structural collaboration and share a lot of insights into how to involve your customer in every single phase of your decision making flow.
This presentation has already done the tour of the world, so if you haven’t heard it yet, this is your chance! All information can be found online. Interested? Then subscribe today!

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