See us at the Annual Online Research Conference in London

Niels Schillewaert, managing partner, and Tom De Ruyck, Senior Consultant ForwaR&D Lab, are two of the speakers at the 5th Annual Online Research Conference (30 september 2009, London).
The theme of the conference is “Quicker, leaner and fitter in a socially networked world“. As web innovation develops, so too does the relationship between people and brands and the way that we reserach them. Online research can deliver direct and immediate access to their target audiences via enhanced web surveys, personal web spaces and community-based collaborative techniques, but what is the true quality of its bandwith? Where will future research budgets be spent? Mark Earls, Herd Consulting, delivers the keynote at this important annual event, where researchers explore and debate what the future holds for research online and where they should now be setting their sights.
Niels and Tom will talk about “To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question!… and what the ‘Twittersphere’ can bring to market research’.  Although there is a lot of buzz about this social media platform, little is known about why people & brands are on Twitter and what they want to achieve with their presence. Therefore we believed time was ready to conduct an in-depth usage & attitudes study about it! The study will give an answer to the following key-questions:
– What does Twitter mean in the life of its users, which type of users are there, how is the tool used an what can it bring to the marketing domain?
– What could be the role of Twitter as a communication tool for online access panels or research communities?
– What is the potential of Twitter as a (mobile) research tool and what are the drawbacks?
– What are the advantages of possible uses of an opt-in panel of Twitter users?
Click here for more information about the Annual Online Research Conference.
Or if you want more information on the Twitter study, contact Tom De Ruyck (

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