Sign up today for a new Smartees Webinar on Insightment Communities

After the first successful Smartees Webinar, we are happy to announce a new Smartees Webinar (on Tuesday July 3) all about Insightment Communities. Good insights will lead to the discovery of something that is not yet obvious. They should be recognizable and can be translated into actionable business opportunities. The road to good insights is not an obvious one. A good insight starts from the consumer. During this webinar on Insightment Communities you will learn the newest techniques for Consumer Insightment Activation.
Our Smartees Webinar takes place on Tuesday July 3, starting at 5 PM (GMT +1). Check out the full program online. Curious what the other Smartees Webinars are about? Check the full list of upcoming Smartees Webinars. If you’d like to join one of these sessions, sign up online today.

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