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Since the launch of our Smartees in 2009, we already hosted over 100 online and offline smart sessions, focusing mainly on our home markets. Back in 2012, we already took a first step towards taking our Smartees concept global with Webinar formats. But now, after 5 years of Smartees, we are taking it even further than that! In the coming months, the InSites Consulting team will be traveling the world to share our vision on consumer collaboration.
We already have a bunch of new countries on our calendar (Paris, Geneva, Zürich and even Singapore are open for registrations). To be communicated soon are Münich, Melbourne and Stockholm. Of course our home markets are not forgotten: Ghent, Rotterdam, London, New York and Sydney will be on our calendar shortly as well. To accommodate your busy schedules we even released a new format (next to Seminars, Workshops & Webinars): our Eat ‘n Learn sessions, offering fast food for the brain and the tummies.
Tweetaway orangeTweetaway: Join @InSites around the world in their #ConsumerCollaboration Smartees series #mrx #newmr #insites
So is your country or city not on our calendar yet? Then you should definitely keep an eye on our Smartees website in the coming days, as we’ll also be launching a series of Webinars on every research solution we offer here at InSites Consulting.  Have any suggestions on topics we need to cover? Let us know via

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