Spoiled or not?

Are teenagers really spoiled? Are the parents to blame? 3 out of 10 flemish teenagers between 16 and 17 years old think that they are spoiled. These are mainly teenagers without brothers and sisters. Teenagers are very well aware of the fact that this ‘spoiled situation’ is only temporary. As long as they are living at home, they are very conscious of what they do with their money. They don’t mind helping a hand with daily household chores or earn extra money with weekend work or holiday jobs. Their weekly budget to spend is average 22 Euro’s and their mobile phone is their most important asset. These are some results of a study our Youth & Trends Knowledge Center ordered by the VRT-program VOLT. Interested in more results? Click here. Want to learn more about our Youth & Knowledge Center activities? Contact Joeri Van den Bergh (joeri@insites.eu, +32(0)9 269 16 06).

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