Structural Collaboration Smartees Webinar

Last week we launched our brand new Smartees website, today we’d like to highlight our first upcoming Smartees Webinar which is also our first US hosted Webinar. On Thursday October 18, two of our Managing Partners Niels Schillewaert and Filip De Boeck will host a Smartees Webinar on structural collaboration with consumers, live from our US office in New York. Your chance to find out why your key customers are key to your company and why you have to give them a seat in your board. The Smartees Webinar kicks off at 1pm EST with Niels Schillewaert presenting ‘The Consumer Consulting Board’ on what’s next for online research communities, how to really engage with consumers, how to report results in an impactful way and how to embed the voice of the customer within all departments of your organization.
At 1.30pm, Filip will share the Heineken Concept Club Community case study. He will present the findings of our recent Heineken project, where we co-created the club of tomorrow with emerging designers in a 3-week online research community with 120 design-savvy clubbers. It’s also this presentation that recently won the ’2012 Best Presentation Award’ on the 8th International Conference on Design & Emotion in London. In short, this Smartees Webinar will definitely be worth to join. You can register here and if you want more information on our Smartees in general, check out our Smartees website. Hope to see you at this or one of our other upcoming Smartees!

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