Surprise your Community Manager on #cmad 2012

Today, we’re celebrating Community Manager Appreciation Day (#cmad on Twitter) and we’d like to thank everyone who is improving consumer’s experiences and bringing consumers in the boardroom of companies. On open and closed communities, the passion of Community Managers is closing the gap between brands and their customers.

A slice of inspiration

Creativity is one of the most valuable moderator skills, creativity in initiating an engaging experience, solving problems and translating the discussions to actionable recommendations. Therefore we’d like to inspire you to surprise your community manager creatively!

Consumers from all over the world who participated in our online research communities are showing their appreciation by creating greeting cards with our Collage Tool. By combining pictures from a default set or uploading their own, they’re composing unique mood boards for their moderators. The personal messages attached to the greeting cards define their connection beautifully:
“Dear moderator, you inspired me, I belonged to a site of great things. You made me feel needed and part of a community that wanted my input, which was much appreciated. l applaud you for keeping me going on the posts and silly answers l may have made. Hope you enjoyed as much as me. And all the best for anything that comes your way.”
Of course, all the credits are not only going to the community managers, team work is key. Therefore our moderators at InSites are more than happy to spread the vibe by treating all their colleagues to breakfast. Show your Community Managers some love and spread the word, #CMAD.
Check out our page with cases on Research Communities here!

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