TalkToChange has reached 4000 fans on Facebook!

TalkToChange is InSites Consulting’s proprietary research panel. A group of enthusiastic people, who use their power as a consumer to the full by voicing their opinion through market research projects.  In order to maximize the engagement of our panel members, we try to practice what we preach and are working hard on becoming a real conversation company. This means, amongst other things, keeping an open line of communication on social media platforms like Facebook.
We are very proud of the 4000 fans on the TalkToChange Facebook Page (a big thank you to all of our fans, we appreciate this very much), but if you’ve read the book and followed the buzz, you will know that size doesn’t matter and that it’s all about interactions, great content and engagement.

And indeed, Facebook has become a platform where we can interact with our panel members outside of the research environment. It has become an additional touchpoint for support and feedback, a way for research participants to get in touch with us using their preferred medium.
It also allows us to share news from our partnering charity organisations or more informal content, but most importantly, it allows us to put research results and new research methods in the picture, creating better visibility for them.

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