The basics of Consumer Consulting Boards [infographic]

A Consumer Consulting Board brings your consumers together on an online closed research community to help shape your business. The end goal? Structural collaboration, having a continuous dialogue with consumers that is 24/7, across departments and objectives. This Consumer Consulting Board infographic offers you the basics of online research communities: 5 tips for going global with your research community, 4 ways to create a truly engaging experience and 3 steps to create an impact inside and outside your organisation.

Want to learn more about our Consumer Consulting Boards? Click here or contact Tom De Ruyck, Head of Consumer Consulting Boards at InSites Consulting.

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Understanding consumer trends and local culture [an interview with GSK]

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Better Together V2 - Unlocking the power of consumers

Better Together V2: Unlocking the power of consumers

Different people come with a different set of unique skills and competences. Research has shown that out of every 100 people, 90 merely consume content, 9 will like, share or react to what is created, and only 1 will actually create something. And this is no different for consumers.