The Brand Engagement Index – and the winners are…

Engage BBDO and PUB recently launched the first issue of the Brand Engagement Index. InSites Consulting was asked to validate the model and perform the study for the first time in Belgium. As marketers are keen on all kinds of key performance indexes that help them to describe the strength of brands in terms of various dimensions, Engage decided to create a new one that indicates the level of bounding between a brand and its consumers. The Brand Engagement Index provides us with a ranking per category and for a selection of brands. In total, 1296 respondents evaluated 50 brands of 10 different categories. By means of the index, marketers will be able to benchmark their brands and follow the evolution of engagement levels over time.

Just like in any other relationship, engagement is a very well-heeled concept. The multidimensionality of the concept is also reflected in the way it is measured. The methodology for measuring brand engagement integrated four main dimensions: involvement, interaction, intimacy and influence. The ‘four I’s’, measured by means of 15 statements, were proven to be valid predictors of the level of engagement towards a brand. Nice to know that in the past several brands have already proven to establish successful and integrated marketing initiatives based on these dimensions. Examples are Solo Open Kitchen or campaigns as Nike Take Antwerp. Of course there are some other factors that determine the engagement towards a brand, like the tradition or habit of using it, which makes consumers more familiar with the brand. So experience and familiarity have also proven to be top of mind drivers for brand engagement. Besides the validation of the four I’s as important predictors of engagement, the study also revealed some very interesting relationships between key performance indicators as likability, loyalty, consideration, uniqueness and purchase intention and the engagement towards the brand. On average 42% of these KPI’s is determined by the level of engagement and so indirectly by the level of interaction, involvement, intimacy and influence.
The brands that graduated cum laude are: Coca-Cola, Apple, Telenet, VW, Proximus, Belgacom, Jupiler, Nokia, Mobistar, Mini and Samsung. These brands got excellent scores on the four I’s. Consumers have proven to be very engaged, or in some cases even almost married, to these brands.
More information about the Brand Engagement Index can be retrieved via Engage BBDO and PUB Magazine.

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