“The CEO series” with Kristof De Wulf

Leonard Murphy (@lennyism) recently interviewed our CEO Kristof De Wulf for the ‘CEO series’ on the GreenBook blog. The GreenBook is a very influential online information source for marketing researchers, especially in the United States.
Leonard Murphy described InSites Consulting as follows: “One of those companies that just has ‘it’; smart, creative, bold, focused, and high performing. Their growth and leadership role across the global industry is proof that they are no flash in the pan, but are a company to watch and learn from for the rest of us. They are one of the ‘new breed’ of research firms that is reinventing the industry and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”
In the interview Kristof highlights the main differentiators of InSites Consulting versus other research agencies. He reveals the success factors and strategy of our company. And he ‘takes the research five year forward’ with his vision on the industry. Enjoy reading the full interview on the GreenBook’s blog. Want to hear more about our CEO’s thoughts on the future of market research, follow him on Twitter via @kristofdewulf.

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