The good, bad and ugly of marketing research

Help us improve the effectiveness of market research by participating in our survey! The key benefits of marketing research are largely centered around the information it provides companies. Research provides us the data to support our decision making on a brand, product or strategic level. There is a large variety in methods, approaches and methodologies that can be applied with the end goal to reach organizational impact. Yet, do all research efforts lead to marketing effectiveness?
Time to get a grip on how research could be more impactful…. with a survey of our own! We would like to invite market research users to share their experience through our survey.
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Do you use marketing research for your decision making? By sharing your knowledge and experience, you can help us identify the best practices in executing and using market research to increase marketing effectiveness. Your input will uncover the good, bad, and ugly of conducting and deploying marketing research projects. It goes without saying that you will receive the full report once the study is completed.
This study by Gen2 Advisors, Greenbook and InSites Consulting explores what research does today and where it should be heading to in order to drive your business. After this survey phase we will complete the study by interviewing senior marketers to provide additional insight and understanding.
The survey should take about 15-20 minutes of your time. It may seem like a lot to ask, but the report you will receive in return will be more than worth it. Click here to start the survey
MR Impact study

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