The longest day: InSites Consulting in 24h around the world!


Yes, you are not mistaken, we will travel the world in 24h and we will do this from Wednesday March 25th 5 pm (GMT+1) until Thursday March 26th 5 pm (GMT +1).
InSites Consulting is always up for a challenge, so the sky is definitely not the limit here! 
How will InSites Consulting do this?

Since we believe in online research and we have a variety of online research tools available, we have everything that is needed to actually do what we aim for: get into contact with the whole world. We will recruit participants from all over the world for twelve 2-hour long online discussion groups, in which we will talk and discuss the same topic with people in a different timezone, thus going from Eastern Europe to Western Europe, America, Australia all the way to China and back in Western Europe.

The topic of the online discussion groups: CSR

While Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is high on the agenda of companies, little is understood about what CSR does to brands and how brands should deal with it. Given the more empowered role of today’s consumer, we believe there is no dividing line between brand management and CSR. Companies shouldn’t make CSR part of their brand strategy unless they are walking the talk. And that is exactly why we want to focus on CSR in the online discussion groups.

The project set-up and recruitment

The qualitative research consultants will moderate the sessions in different teams from ‘Living tomorrow‘ in Vilvoorde (Brussels, Belgium).
So far, the consultants, together with the Talk2Change team, have been focussing on recruitment of the participants. Quite a challenging job: struggling with time zones, finding the adequate amount of persons to participate to each of the 12 sessions,…but everything is going fine. Up next is the creation and fine-tuning of the topic guide with all the questions we would like to ask to the participants.

We have already had participant reactions and they are really enthusiastic to take part in this new and challenging experience.

“I’m very glad to be selected to participate in the talk to change chat around the world on the 25th of March” (Lutgarde)

And like the participants, we are really looking forward to the whole experience…

If you want to find out more about Connected Research at InSites Consulting, feel free to visit our connected research website

We will regularly post new updates on the Longest Day experience via this blog.

Hear you soon

Sofie and the other qualitative team members

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