The Naked Brand

Last week we organized our Dutch edition of The Naked Brand event together with Blauw Research. 100 marketers and market researchers joined us in Rotterdam at the Unilever offices.
It was a full-day conference on how brands can connect more with consumers. Following decades of exposure to brand messaging, consumers are becoming expert marketers. Brands need to re-evaluate their relationships with consumers, recognizing the opportunities of working with them rather than just selling to them.
Dan Hill, keynote of the day talked about his new book ‘About Face’. Once advertising was all about being ‘on-message’ and getting talking points right. But breakthroughs in brain science have confirmed what we all know but don’t often admit to in business: people are primarily emotional decision-makers.

Next up was Joeri Van den Bergh (co-founder of InSites Consulting, Youth Expert and author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot) with his presentation on uniqueness ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’. Since the 1960s marketers have been aspiring to differentiate their brands from competitors. But as a perverse effect they’ve turned out to be just like everyone else. Consumers today are more sceptical of new products than ever. More than 6 out of 10 think they are not really different. How can brands stay meaningful for their not so easily wowed target groups?

And finally Rijn Vogelaar of Blauw Research brought his Superpromoter story. With their word-of-mouth advocacy of products or brands, Superpromoters influence us and how we buy with the power of enthusiasm. Business managers should not just focus on complaining customers but they should value their enthusiastic friends.

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