The perception of marketeers on marketing research and research analysts

BAQMaR conducted (with the support of the Vlerick Marketing Alumni) a survey among marketers, about the perception they have of marketing research and research analysts. The results were presented at the event ‘Market Research’ (… but not as you know it :-)) in Antwerp last week, hosted by BAQMaR and the Vlerick Marketing Alumni.
These were the main conclusions:
– The spontaneous associations marketers make with ‘market research’ are very much focused on data, about the market and their consumers. On the other hand, if we ask about their most positive experience with the domain, they talk about getting insights and being inspired (e.g. getting new ideas for marketing strategies). ‘Getting the voice of the consumer in the board room’, is also heard a lot!
– The 3 most negative experiences marketers had with research can be summarized into 3 underlying dimensions:
1/ They get frustrated by the fact that less and less consumers want to take part in research projects because they got bored by too long questionnaires with more of the same questions. We need to adapt the methods we use and find new ways to get insights from consumers!
2/ Some of the marketers get lost in translation when they are confronted with research results. Market researchers need to guide them through the results/figures. They need to come up with clear conclusions and recommendations. In short: researchers need to become better consultants!
3/ It seems like there are a lot of communication issues between marketers and researchers: objectives are not always that clear and the reason why we choose for a certain methodology could be explained better.
– There is little knowledge among marketeers about: Ethnography, Neuro, Co-creation, Volumetric and Sensory Research. On the other hand Communities, Text Analytics and Social Media Tracking are methods and techniques they all talk about, but almost none of the marketers have experience with it.
– Taking a look at the perception marketers have of us -analysts – the people working in the industry, we learn that the see us as ‘geeks’ – or even ‘nerds’ – who are doing their tricks with numbers. If we ask how researchers should evolve towards the future, all answers go in the direction of ‘dynamic consultant who are able the translate figures and insights (gathered via a mix of traditional and new methodologies) into concrete conclusions and recommendations’.
Here’s the full presentation
For more information, contact Tom De Ruyck, ForwaR&D Lab Consultant and co-founder of BAQMaR., +32 9 269 14 07.

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