"The researcher of this decade is Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg" [Video-Interview]

At Qualitative 360, our head of research communities Tom De Ruyck was privileged to answer some questions by German Qual Researcher and Journalist Elke Eich, in a 20 minute interview.  In the conversation, De Ruyck states, that the most interesting change in the marketing research world has come from one guy, that is absolutely not involved in the research industry. It’s Mark Zuckerberg. “By using Facebook, it has become a reality for a lot of people to be engaged with brands, to talk about brands. People start to expect that a brand engages with them. It’s not a matter of ‘are we doing the right thing’  by opening up to participants, it’s a matter of: we don’t have an option. This is how people work together with brands. The researcher of this decade is Mark Zuckerberg.”
Another topic De Ruyck addresses in the interview is the mind shift that people in the research world need to make. Actually, there are 4 mind shifts that are, according to De Rucyk, needed to survive in an age where the consumer has the power to bring down governments via social media. What does it take to convince clients, and clients of clients? De Ruyck: “The first mind shift is: be open. Tell people WHY you exactly want to do the research. The second is, working with a non-representative group of people that are really engaged and have something interesting to say. The third is, that research needs to be fun these days. Gamification really fits well in this mind shift. The fourth is: involving the participants and the people in DOING the research.”  Check out the full interview with Tom below at Vimeo:

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