The sound of C in Creativity: 3 pillars of Connected Creativity

The fourth edition of TV Day took place on March 25, 2014. MEDIALAAN TV ADVERTISING, PUB and InSites Consulting presented seven advertising awards in five different categories, for the best spots and campaigns of the past year.
And our conclusion is also valid this year: Belgian advertising does the trick! ‘Het Stressmannetje’ (i.e.: The little Stress man) by Famous for De Lijn wins the Viewer’s Topspot, ‘Boem Patat’ by Boondoggle for VLAM is the Jury’s Topspot, the campaign by Happiness Brussels gets the Brand Impact Award and the local interpretation of ‘Share a Coke’ for Coca-Cola takes both the Buzz Award and the Non-Spot award. Congratulations!
TV Day 2014 was all about ‘Creativity set aside?’ – Is there any room left for creativity in a world where big data continues to gain territory?
Tweetaway redTweetaway: Is there any room left for #creativity in a world where #bigdata gains territory? by @DelphineVtomme #advertising
Kristof De Wulf, CEO at InSites Consulting, reasons in his ‘Sound of C in creativity’ speech that there is a need for a new type of creativity: Connected Creativity. Connected Creativity comprises 3 pillars:

  1. Connecting with consumers
    Every campaign should start with the customer. A ‘consumer insight’ is at the base of a ‘big idea’ and in the end of a successful campaign. Kristof used the big ‘ego check test’ to discover how close we are to our consumer; turned out that only a few people in the room actually control their ego.
  2. Connecting more dots
    We should ‘mix and match’, combine several facts, insights, smaller and greater, from several angles. Think playlist, not checklist.
  3. Connecting over time
    Be surprisingly consistent, a difficult exercise but the most successful campaigns keep bringing the same message, each time slightly differently. Think about “Red Bull gives you wings”, the only message the brand has been bringing since its launch in 1987.

Tweetaway orangeTweetaway: It’s time for a new type of #creativity: Connected creativity by @kristofdewulf #advertising
Kristof ends with the Viewer’s Topspot, ‘Het Stressmannetje’ by Famous for De Lijn, which is a perfect illustration of the basic principles of Connected Creativity.

After our CEO the stage was for the real creative people. Edu Pou, Director of Creative Innovation Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, inspired the room with the ‘stories/insights’ behind Wieden + Kennedy’s most creative campaigns. The campaign for the US market for example is entirely based on the insight that an average American has only 10 days of vacation and that all 10 need to be spent in the best possible conditions. Recognition galore!

The final man on stage was Robin Wauters from and the most influential Belgian journalist on Twitter, who proved that creativity is an indispensable element for the success of start-ups.
The 2014 edition of TV Day was certainly an inspiration, I’m already curious to see what 2015 will bring! And in the meantime: let’s keep our egos in check!

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