The story behind Project Snake: redesigning our community approach

We love taking things forward at InSites Consulting. Last year we took the next step forward in our Consumer Consulting Board vision – Project Snake. This code name refers to a snake shedding its skin. While staying true to the vision of the Consumer Consulting Board book, we completely redesigned three dimensions of our approach: technology, teamwork and touchpoints. As the apotheosis of ‘Project Snake’, Wim De Wever and I travelled to all our offices in December, from Timisoara over Ghent and Rotterdam to London and New York. Our teams are now ready to bring this change to you in 2014.

Project Snake

In terms of technology, a new platform will allow us to bring more fusion to research than ever before! Blogs, discussions and ideation activities can be alternated with short surveys and custom tools in order to facilitate the collaboration between brands and consumers. Mobile is a seamless extension to the desktop experience, resulting in more personal, contextual and visual contributions. New analysis tools ensure that we get the most from the data, resulting in a layered and in-depth understanding.
To turn this theory into practice, the process or teamwork has been completely revised. With a redesign of all touchpoints towards clients, participants and internal stakeholders, we further increase the impact of research within organizations.

Project Snake

One of the unique outcomes of ‘Project Snake’ is the Consumer Consulting Board Card Deck, a brainstorm tool helping our teams to develop the best research design for each client’s objectives – from recruiting the best profile and developing the research guide to moderation, analysis and reporting techniques. The cards will bring fun and creative brainstorms and are an example of how we are walking the talk. Both internally as for our clients, we develop engaging tools to leverage results and facilitate change management.

Project Snake

We are looking forward to bringing this to you in 2014! Happy New Year!

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