The talent hunting season has started. Do you have the right munition?

After attending the Vlerick Career Fair last week, we can honestly share that we saw a lot of enthusiastic, motivated and talented students. Last year we asked the students what they were looking for in their future jobs, this year we asked them to come up with the main job decision criterion for their future employer. We clearly heard their eagerness to improve on hard skills and their willingness to increase personal development. Of course, we are convinced that InSites Consulting has the right corporate culture to meet these expectations!
When comparing the opinions at the Career Fair with the results of our recent Generation Y study (of which more results will be shared in the coming weeks), we learn that a few similarities are obvious. Below, we see the top 10 job decision criteria for Gen Y, which is clearly in line with what students recently shared with us. Smartly enough, they did not talk about money or extra benefits they are definitely hoping to negotiate during the first contact with a potential future employer.
But the top 5 also contains being part of an amazing and co-operative team (ranked 5th), getting training in order to improve personal skill development and increase knowledge growth (ranked 3rd & 4th) and working towards specific goals (ranked 2nd). Juniors expect their future employer to provide them with a knowledge-sharing atmosphere, a social corporate culture and – of course – the right amount of rewards for the efforts delivered!

Job decision criteria for Gen Y

We hope that we convinced the students at the Vlerick Career Fair of the fact that InSites Consulting is a company with the right mentality to welcome talented people. If you need more testimonials or information, we invite you to surf to our website where we want to show the world what InSites stands for as an employer, how our colleagues experience working at InSites Consulting and where you can meet us to discover the fun we have in the backstage area! So there is only one more thing to do: pay a visit to our jobsite.
We hope you like it? Tell others about it. Tweet it! 😉 And of course feel free to share your feedback via the comments below.

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