The Webvertising Forum 2011 #wvf11

This year’s edition of the Webvertising Forum, held last Friday in Brussels, gave a nice overview of what the “Mad Men” of today have been up to. The guys from Duval Guillaume, The Parking Lot, Famous, Square Melon, BBDO & Instruxion presented client cases and shared their insights on the current online environment.
Evan Van Lissum told us 10 things we should know the internet, putting it nicely into perspective and making it tangible. If you have any doubts on the power of the internet, if you want to know how to avoid your Facebook page from being banned or simply get an idea of the ‘do’s and do not do’s’ of webvertising.

Fania Van Meirhaeghe from The AIM, gave some tips on Search Engine Optimization, including Facebook SEO and Twitter SEO. What I take away from this presentation is that you need to be clever about the keywords you use, the descriptions you give, the ‘which’ and ‘where’ of links, etc. Nothing new as such, just don’t forget to apply it to your Facebook & Twitter pages.
Of course, Social Media were mentioned throughout the day, but mostly just as a way to create reach. It wasn’t until Clo Willaerts from Sanoma Magazines took the floor, that anything was said about conversion and how to maximize your ROI. She distinguishes five reasons for being present on Social Media and gives a feel for what (not) to expect.

Clo, who some will know as @Bnox, heads up In first instance, is a business unit within Sanoma, geared at helping companies get more out of social media. But it’s also a book, due to be launched February 18th, which promises to be an interesting read to say the least.

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