The year 2013: a social media trip back in time

The season of festivities, family visits and holiday fun has almost arrived! And just like every other year, the InSites Consulting team will be enjoying a well-deserved Christmas break starting December 25. But before we head out of the office to get ready for 2014, let’s look back on the year which has almost passed. We’ve gathered some 2013 social media reviews for you to watch in between your holiday festivities. Enjoy this social media trip back in time!

Trending on Twitter

Twitter’s year review offers us the trending hashtags of 2013. Month by month this overview gathers the most frequently mentioned events, people and moments of 2013, ending the overview with the Golden Tweets, this year’s most often retweeted tweets. #YearOnTwitter

Facebook stories

Let’s look back at the people, moments and places around the world which mattered most on Facebook in 2013. What separates the Facebook review from other reviews? It shows us the most frequently shared milestones in one’s life with (surprise surprise) the relationship status update on number one. But what did surprise me was Pope Francis being the most frequently talked about topic on Facebook…

The most Instagrammed cities of 2013

Looking for a holiday destination for 2014? Then maybe the Instagram’s 2013 review can offer some inspiration as Instagram gathered the Top Locations & Cities on Instagram in 2013. And guess which city tops the list? New York of course, something our 2012 youth research report already predicted 😉

YouTube Rewind: What does 2013 say?

To celebrate 2013, YouTube invited some YouTubers to star in a mash-up of popular moments of 2013. Did you spot all the references? By the way, at the end of last year we at InSites Consulting, published our very own ‘This was 2012’ year review on YouTube. Missed it? Check it out here!

Spotify 2013 in Review

And finally, to round off, my personal favorite: the Spotify Year in Review. This one-page infographic helps you discover the most popular songs and playlists by region and occasion. Furthermore (and this is the coolest feature) the 2013 review also lets you generate your personal Spotify year review.
Feel free to share any other 2013 reviews you find worth mentioning. Enjoy the holiday season and let’s meet again in 2014!

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