Time to broaden our offering

One of the major changes in the market research industry today is the higher value and broader service customers expect from their agencies. At InSites Consulting we have expanded our range of services from November 2010, including marketing consultancy.

Today our clients want us to surpass merely presenting findings in an attractive format. Research insights should be translated into actionable insights. Apart from vivid storytelling, researchers of the next generation need to adapt consultancy methods to ensure full organizational uptake of what our clients have learned from research. InSites Consulting wants to put the consumer into our clients’ boardrooms. By offering consultancy services we re-connect marketers with their audience.” (Joeri Van den Bergh, Managing Partner)

In November Polle de Maagt joined our team as a Marketing consultant to support this positioning. Polle brings a formidable track record of previous consulting work with major brands such as Nike and KLM. He will support our existing Brand & Communication and Youth & Trends teams and will join Steven Van Belleghem in his Conversation Manager philosophy to help organizations get ready for the conversation age.
After being a freelance social media consultant for major brands such as Nike, Philips and Randstad for several years, Polle worked for youth trendwatching agency Trendwolves, where he analyzed European youth trends.
Immediately before joining, Polle was strategist/creative technologist at Leuven/Amsterdam-based advertising agency Boondoggle where he worked for Nike, Rabobank, KLM/AirFrance and the Dutch Government.

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