To bicycle, or not to bicycle…

After months of training, preparing, supporting each other and telling friends and family about it, the Big Day is finally near. The Belgian & Dutch weather is still not very much with us, but that won’t stop us, because on June 1st, 40 enthusiastic InSiders are taking up the challenge of cycling the 100 miles (exactly 167 kilometres) from our Rotterdam office all the way to our Ghent office.
Why are we doing this again? First of all, because we would not be real InSiders if we were not fond of a ‘little’ challenge now and again. At InSites Consulting’s internal congress last September, ‘engagement’ was the central theme and a small group of InSiders was wondering how many people would show their engagement to participate in a very ambitious challenge. And of course we’re extra motivated to do this in benefit of a worthy cause. Which is why we teamed up with UNICEF, to fund a primary school project in Burundi for kids aged 6 to 12. By now, we have already gathered € 9,636 for UNICEF, thanks to sponsors, partners, colleagues, friends and family who believe in us and who want to support us and UNICEF through this adventure.
And this adventure will already start a little bit on Friday, as we’re already heading to Rotterdam tomorrow evening, where a big pasta buffet will be waiting for us in our hotel (life motto this week was “The more carbs, the better!”). And then we’re off, straight to bed, as the start the next morning is at 8am already, in front of the Dutch InSites Consulting office! About 9 hours and a lot of blood, sweat and tears later, the group will arrive at our Ghent InSites Consulting office; after applauses, kisses and hugs from family and friends, the cyclists can shower, recover and enjoy a delicious BBQ and some beers with colleagues, friends and family!
Of course we cannot forget our Timisoara team, as they are organizing a local challenge, since cycling is less feasible over there. They have all opted to use their legs as well and will go hiking. As it’s currently snowing in Timisoara, they will not take up the challenge this Saturday, but postpone it until the weather gets better. But when it does, they will climb the Retezat mountain (no, it’s not a joke, even though the name looks like Flemish, meaning ‘in a drunken stupor’; this is its official Romanian name and actually means ‘cut off’). So we can proudly say that the entire InSites Consulting team is working towards one ambitious goal to obtain a remarkable result.

Many thanks again to all enthusiasts, sponsors, contributors, friends and family for the support! You can of course still support our team by making a donation on our 100-miles website or by joining us at our Ghent InSites Consulting office on Saturday around 4.30pm to watch all these strong people cross the finish!
To stay up to date with what happens all day long, follow #insites100miles to get live newsfeeds!
And by the way, we have a special surprise in store for that person that will lift us over the 10,000 euros.. Will you be the one?

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