What the world thinks of CSR

In March 2009, InSites Consulting organized the ‘Responsible Brands Around the World’ event at Living Tomorrow, Brussels. The eye catcher of this event was our Longest Day: Online Discussion Groups around the world in 24 hours. The InSites Qualitative Research Team dove into the consumer’s mind, all over the globe during 12 online discussion group sessions. More than 80 consumers in 63 countries took part in this project.
The theme was Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and what it means to the consumer. “Relevance of CSR is sometimes questioned by the consumer. So a new more consumer based CSR is required to create sympathy, impact and value.” says Frank Geers, Research Director InSites Consulting. “Only a few sectors come to mind when consumers think of CSR, except for Health and Education. When companies practice CSR, it’s crucial to have a good alignment with their product and brand strategy.”
Responsible Brands Around the World was a chance to put the research tools and platforms we use at InSites Consulting into action on a global scale. We’ve gathered our findings from this amazing event together in a paper. Download Corporate Social Responsibility from a Consumer Viewpoint (free of charge)
On September 16, 2009 Niels Schillewaert (Managing Partner InSites Consulting) will present the methodological insights of this project at the ESOMAR General Conference 2009. Find out more about the conference on www.esomar.org

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