What to keep, ditch and add to the world of marketing research?

On April 16th we hosted an inspiring workshop in an even more inspiring environment: Creative Valley in Utrecht. During this full-day workshop, Tom De Ruyck & Katia Pallini shared our thoughts on the future of market research – how both traditional quantitative and qualitative research could be better, fresher and more contemporary by approaching participants and internal stakeholders differently.
We shared our new approach, the revival of quantitative research, which allows true consumer collaboration in survey research, tapping into context and conversation. We put the theory intro practice in several break-out sessions and brainstormed about what to keep, ditch and/or add to the world of market research for now… and for the future! Here are the insights we gathered:

What to keep?

  • Research in general, as research is more valuable for companies than ever before. Companies are facing a rapidly changing world with more and complex challenges.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research have their unique added value and limitations and the one should not simply replace the other.
  • Research companies need to stay objective and keep in mind the academic background of research.

What to ditch?

  • Long and boring surveys and long and unused reports. Research should be impactful and relevant for both consumers and internal stakeholders.
  • Participants who are not interested and biased. We should focus on those participants who can bring companies to the next level.
  • Internal discussions about the value of collaborating with consumers in decision making.

What to add?

  • More long-term and intense relationships between companies and research agencies. This will lead to a better understanding and therefore more actionable conclusions and recommendations.
  • Observing consumers to capture natural and unbiased behavior (because we think less than we think we do).
  • Research agencies should be more critical, should take a stand and be an internal advisor.

We thank all attendees for joining us. Thanks to your enthusiasm and interaction, we can declare this workshop yet another successful one! Hope to meet you at one of our upcoming Smartees events and feel free to share your thoughts on the future of marketing research.
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