Where to meet us in November?

10 November 2011: Youth Marketing (UK). The annual Youth Marketing conference brings together leaders in the field to analyse the latest trends, share insights and impart knowlegde. Joeri Van den Bergh, Gen Y expert joins the conference in London.
10 November 2011: Debate at the Belgian book fair (BE). Steven Van Belleghem will moderate the debate between Jo Caudron, Marc Michils and Clo Willaerts during ‘Media anything, anytime, anyplace’.
13 November 2011: ESOMAR Qualitative Conference (AT). Joeri co-presents with Simona Sbarbaro of MTV Networks Italy. ‘We got a crush on you(th)!’, involving influential Gen Y’ers from 15 global cities to learn why something is cool.
16 November 2011: Ad Congress (PH). After Vienna Joeri travels to the Philippens to present his Cool Brands story at the Ad Congress, the 22nd Philippine Advertising Congress.
16 November 2011: WOMMA Summit (US). Steven attends the summit in Las Vegas to join the debate on Word of mouth.
17 November 2011: Conversations Smartees (BE). Stop undergoing the conversations about your brand, start managing them. Our Conversations Smartees will help you get more from the online and offline consumers conversations that surround your brand. Find out more at http://smartees.insites.eu.
17 November 2011: IAB Academy (BE). Elias Veris, ForwaR&D Lab Consultant will help you reconnect with your customer during this IAB Academy session.
28 November 2011: Frankwatching training (NL). Half day training session on Conversation Management by Steven organised by Frankwatching.
29 November 2011: Annual Conference Marketing Society (UK). On 29 November, members of The Marketing Society and the marketing world at large are gathering at The Royal Opera House to debate and discuss the big questions for 2012 around global leadership. Lisa Ohlin, Business Director at our London office joins the day.
30 November 2011: Seminar on Media Trends (SV). The seminar offers the presentation of current media trends in the Adriatic region and the analysis of foreign and domestic good praxis. Steven joins the conference with his Conversation Management story.

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